Vintage De Luxe

Vintage Deluxe is an Hand Made Leather Garment  Made In Italy Company


Vintage de Luxe was borned in 2007 with the idea of ​​giving back to the leather its right role.

The name is the poster of the brand itself:


because the leather jacket is the Vintage per excellence, a product of timeless taste and value.

De Luxe

for the innovative and quality materials with the guarantee of Made in Italy.

Elegant and fascinate jackets models as only the leather can be, never ordinary thanks to the continuous research of detail.

The garments, with their unmistakable softness, become pure creativity: the leather is studded, cut, painted to obtain an unconventional and unique product.

Vintage de Luxe redefines what you can do with leather, showing that it doesn’t just turn into a classic biker jacket!

Worn as status symbols or passepartout, our jackets define every look.

Black Store srl is based along the Riviera del Brenta which, thanks to the perpetration of a tradition born in the 1600s, constitutes the district of excellence and luxury leather garments worldwide.

Black Store srl has thirty years of experience in leather industry that has allowed to work with the big fashion Companies, with whom it has collaborated and continues to collaborate.

All the processing are performed internally by young creative and expert craftsmen:

from modeling to cutting, from packaging to quality control.

The style and product office allow continuous experimentation and innovation in materials and treatments to offer its customers new ways to see the leather.

Made in Italy is the ‘’fil rouge’’ and prestige of the Black Store.

Italian style and Italian manufacture

We choose the finest leathers to make our garments.